Teenage Bounty Hunters: Netflix New Dramedy

This new Netflix show set to premiere on the 14th of August is going to pack some action into your regular high school drama. It follows the lives of teenage twins, Sterling and Blair who get an unusual opportunity at an action-packed side hustle. Teenage Bounty Hunters is a Netflix original that has been produced by Jenji Kohan, famed for being the creator of “Orange Is the New Black.” 

Teenage Bounty Hunters

The recently released trailer shows Sterling and Blair trying to strike a balance juggling their lives as bounty hunters and high school teenagers. Under the mentorship of Browser Jenkins, a veteran bounty hunter, they embark on an unusual adventure hunting down criminals. The trailer smartly balances out glimpses of their bounty hunting adventures and their high school drama. Netflix has generously offered some insight into the characters of the show.

A Glimpse of the Characters

The Twins

Meet Blair and Sterling Wesley, a pair of 16-year-old fraternal twins. Sterling is played by Maddie Philips, popularly known for her role in Supernatural. Blair is Anjelica Bette Fellini (The Gifted). The sisters, though close, have starkly different personalities. Where Sterling is a sharp-witted overachiever, her sister is a complete non-conformist. 

The Veteran Bounty Hunter

Kadeem Hardison plays a typically experienced bounty hunter as Bowser Jenkins. He has come to Atlanta in search of a fresh start when he stumbles upon the teen twins. So begins their hilarious journey of chasing down criminals and unveiling secrets.

Myles Taylor

Miles Taylor, played by Miles Evans, is an intelligent yet cool teenager who is quite taken by Blair. He works at Wesley’s country club. 

Luke Creswell

Creswell (Spencer House) is the captain of the school golf team. He is dating Sterling and goes to the same high school as the sisters. 

April Stevens 

A high school drama isn’t complete without an overachieving rival. Devon Hales plays April Stevens, Sterling’s nemesis who makes it a point to compete with Sterling in every school activity that she participates in. They also happen to be former best friends (of course).

The Parents

Debbie and Anderson Wesley are devout Christians who have managed to uphold quite a good appearance in their Christian community. If only their daughters can keep it up. 

The Other Bounty Hunter

Sterling is not the only one with a competitor. Terrance Coin is the other bounty hunter and Bowser’s nemesis. However, bounty hunting isn’t the only area that they compete in. 

Yolanda Carrion

Bowser’s former flame, and a bail-bond agent. She and Bowser work together as she gives him his assignments. But things between them are still “complicated.”

So far the show seems to be quite the entertainment package with its fair share of action, drama, and comedy. A large part of the humor is expected to come from watching the twins navigate through their lives, attempting to find a balance.

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