How to Use Netflix Party to Watch Shows With Your Friends

Are you missing binge-watching your favourite shows and movies on Netflix with your friends? Has this lockdown period made you miss all the group activities that you used to do, like watching movies and shows online with your friends? Social distancing is essential as per the situation, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay connected with your friends. And when most of us are in the house arrest now and have free time, it’s obvious that most of the people have turned to various movie streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many more to fill up their free time. If you are a user of Netflix streaming service and want to watch your favourite movies and series together with your friends remotely but wondering how you can do this, then we’ve got a solution for you.

Now it’s possible to watch all those series and movies with your friends remotely using the new Chrome Extension of Netflix Party. The only thing that you need is a Netflix account and Google Chrome browser. If you are already a user of Netflix, then you might already have an account. And if not, then you need to create a Netflix account first to proceed further. In the following article, we will let you know about how to use this feature of Netflix called Netflix Party to binge-watch all great shows and movies at the same time as your friends do. Keep reading the article to have a clear and full description of the Netflix Party.

What is Netflix Party?

Netflix Party is a Chrome Extension that is used to watch Netflix remotely with your friends. With the Netflix Party, you can still have movie nights with your long-distance friends that you use to enjoy while living together. It’s a new way to watch Netflix’s original movies and series with your friends. You can join over 10,000,000 people on this platform and can connect with your friends and host movie nights with them. It is a great platform that enables you to socialize and stay connected with your friends even in this period of lockdown. Netflix Party is a free extension that offers some features to its users. While watching movies or any show remotely with your friends, you can also have discussions and chat with them with the side chat bar.

This will make you feel like you are sitting together with your friend and discussing your favourite scene with one another. Netflix Party synchronized video playback and adds group chats to enable you to stay connected with your friends. It’s easy to use and set up on any device. To set up and use the Netflix Party, you need to go through the steps that we have mentioned below to make you understand its installation and use. Take a look:

How to Setup Netflix Party?

Setting up and using the Netflix Party is easy. The main thing that is required to proceed is a Netflix account that is necessary to have with all the people to whom you want to connect with. And following the steps below will help you to host a movie night with your long-distance friends and family and will make you feel closely connected with them. Go through the steps mentioned below to install, and use the Netflix Party extension to start syncing the movies and series together with your friends and family.

  • To get started with the Netflix Party, make sure that every friend of you to whom you will send an invite has a Netflix account. And if they don’t have an account, then Netflix offers a free trial subscription to its new subscribers, they can download Netflix and have its free subscription. You can also share your Netflix ID and Password with your friends and family depending on the subscription that you take as it offers a screen limit that you can share with your friends.
  • After logging into their Netflix account by every invited user, the next thing that is required to do is installing Netflix Party Extension on their devices.
  • You can install the extension on the Google Chrome browser. To install the extension, open Google Chrome browser and type “” in the search bar.
  • Select and click on the “Get Netflix Party for Free” on your device.
  • After clicking on the option, you will reach the page of Google Chrome web store to download the extension, where you will have to click on the option of “Add to Chrome.”
  • And when you click on the “Add to Chrome” option, a dialogue box will appear on your screen where you have to select the option of “Add Extension”. And now you can see a grey NP icon in your browser’s toolbar.

After installing the extension, now it’s time to start watching movies or series with your friends, and to do that:

  • Open the Netflix application on your device, and select the movie that you want to watch together with your friends. Play the video.
  • After you start playing a video, you’ll see this icon of NP (Netflix Party) turning from grey to red.
  • Click on the icon and select the option of “Start a Party”. Now, as you are the host, It is up to you to share the control of playing or pausing the video with your friends or take it in your hands.
  • And lastly, copy the URL situated at the top of your screen and send that to the friends to whom you want to join. You can see the people who join the party on the side chat bar. Along with that, you can chat and have discussions with the participants about the movie that you are watching.

Isn’t it the easiest and fun way to connect and enjoy the movies and shows with your long-distance friends and family. And the best part is it’s free. Now, without even stepping out of your house, you can stay connected with your friends and can host movie nights as you use to when you were living together with them. So, go now and check this excellent feature of the Netflix Party.

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