Harry Potter: Which Wand Will Suit the Characters of F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

Both Friends and Harry Potter go hand in hand for pop culture zealots throughout the world. So, it makes perfect sense to play “wand chooses the wizard” and mix the two. 

The characters of Friends had distinct personalities. Ever thought what wand would choose distinct personalities of F.R.I.E.N.D.S if they were magic users? We did, and here is what we found.


Richard, Monica’s father’s friend, and her older boyfriend was seen for the first time in season two. Joey and Chandler were seen to be intrigued by his mature and mustache-y personality. And they even tried to imitate him by smoking cigars and growing mustaches.

If he is imagined as a wizard, Richard would have done pretty well with a unicorn hair wand. As a Unicorn hair wand stands for stubbornness, but often helpfulness, makes it most likable.


Mike, or Mr. Phoebe Buffay, showed up for the last few seasons, where he was known for his uncompromising love for Phoebe.

A dragon heartstring wand would have suited him the best. According to J.K. Rowling, a wand with dragon heartstring at its core provides partners with scope for excitement and fun. These are also capable of the most flamboyant magic.


Janice, Chandler’s on-again/off-again girlfriend is best known for her scary laugh and loud personality.

Janice would have worked well with a phoenix feather wand, as phoenix feather is best for a variety of magic, and Janice was a variety herself.


Joey, that fool of the friends’ group who is meant to be loved by all. Joey can have the time of his life with a sandwich, recliner, and TV. That’s all.

His flair for fun means a dragon heartstring wand paired with spruce is the best for Joey Tribbiani. As spruce is known for being “a superb helper, loyal and capable of generating dramatic effects.”

And Joey, he is nothing more or less than that.


Almost the sponsor and a longtime friend of Joey, Chandler Bing could have used magical help in both his career and love life (until he saw a life partner in Monica).

As a wizard, he could have used a unicorn hair wand with spruce, just like his other half Joey. The constant magic could have worked wonders for him.


The subtlety of Ross gave the hardest time to him. His wand has to be the most practical one, a unicorn hair wand with beech at its core.

Wands with beech are known for being “wise beyond his or her years”. That was specifically Ross, hard-working with a lustrous reputation.


Phoebe Buffay became a masseuse with all her hard work and dedication. Her patients were mostly happy with her services.

 Her expressive character including those long fingers adorning quirky rings would have paired well with a dragon heartstring wand with pine at its core. She is always ready to make the world more interesting and a little brighter with her flamboyant self.


Always clean and ever organized Monica Geller would go well with a unicorn hair wand with laurel at its core.  The laurel wood wand chooses “The ones who are unable to tolerate laziness in a possessor.”


Rachel Green, the evergreen and the most versatile character on the show would have paired well with a phoenix wand with maple at its core. Such a wand chooses travelers, explorers and those who prefer ambitious lifestyles.

This concludes our list of the Harry Potter wands that would have best suited the characters of Friends.

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