Bleach: The Enigma That is Ichigo Kurosaki’s Body

The protagonist of Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki, probably looks like any other 15-year old teenager that one can come across. The fact that he can see ghosts does not make him think that there is something extraordinary about him as he continues to live his ordinary life. But everything changes when he meets Rukia, and his life is turned upside down. Ultimately, he has to confront the fact that he is not so ordinary after all. With time he gets to know more about himself and his heritage. He is not just a human but someone with the Zanpakuto of a Soul Reaper, and as if this was not enough, he also has a Hollow mask and latent Quincy abilities.

Even though his twin sisters share the same heritage as him, they are nowhere as capable or powerful as Ichigo. They, too, can unlock the Soul Reaper abilities with the right training, but even if they do, they will still have lesser spiritual affinity than their brother. Ichigo was able to see ghosts, Hollows, and Soul Reapers for a very long time. The underlying reasons for his extraordinary powers are unclear, but being the eldest of his siblings can be a factor as speculated by some of the fans.

He has inherited the Quincy abilities from his mother, which only present themselves in quite convenient situations. Ichigo’s Quincy abilities are quite useful since The Jail ability of Quilge Opie can’t trap him for a long time, and his Bankai could not be stolen as well. But he is much more than the Quincy powers that are lurking inside his body. He has an evil twin who has an ideology entirely different from his.

This form of Ichigo is very well adept at fighting and has sharp instincts to go with a very quirky personality. He is also way better suited to use Zangetsu as compared to Ichigo. The Hollow twin desperately wants to prove himself stronger of the two and will only give up if Ichigo is able to prove himself the better half by defeating him. The approach of the evil twin is nothing like Ichigo’s own philosophy. In comparison, Ichigo wants to fight only when necessary, but the evil twin loves bloodshed even if there is no reason for it. Ichigo fights for others to make the world a better place, but his Hollow version only fights for his evil ends.

Kaien Shiba was dead long before the events of the show took place. He was a prominent member of Squad 13 and the eldest brother of Kukaku and Ganju. He was also the teacher of Rukia, who taught her the true nature of the heart. But one can see the similarities in Kaien and Ichigo’s physical appearance, which might seem like a mere coincidence at first. But it turns out that Isshin Kurosaki was born as Isshin Shiba. This means Kaien was Ichigo’s cousin on his father’s side, which is a big revelation.

Ichigo was already very well trained in the use of Hollow Mask under the Visoreds in their hideout. So, by the time he faced Ulquiorra Schiffer for one last time, he had already mastered it. But it was still not enough to defeat Ulquiorra as he died fighting him. But then something strange happens as Ichigo’s body begins to move again, and he gets into a much stronger form. He has the strength of a Vasto Lorde, and he proves himself while fighting Ulquiorra and tearing him up apart. What is intriguing is that Ichigo was completely unaware of this new form and his actions the entire time.

Once Ulquiorra was dying, Ichigo’s fearsome form left, and he became normal again. He was depressed by how he had won the fight. He believed that the battle was unfair for himself and his adversary, which speaks volumes about his character. Even though he is blessed with extraordinary powers, Ichigo remains very humble, making the powers he procures even more justifiable. It is his destiny to reach greatness but not only by virtue of the powers he possesses but by his moral character as well.

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